Ahead by Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog has been commissioned by such companies and public bodies as: Volvo, The Swedish Exhibition Centre, Whirlpool, KGH Customs Services, Länsförsäkringar, Port of Gothenburg, Stampen, Visit Sweden, West Sweden Tourist Board, Svedest, Apoteket, Farmacia, Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club, Unionen, SweBoat, TRR Trygghetsrådet, Startkraft, Uddevalla Chamber of Commerce och Körkortsspecialisten.

“It was fun that the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce had called in a professional interviewer. I meet many, but Anna-Karin was really good!”
Fredrik Skavlan, TV Compere of “Skavlan”.

“Anna-Karin, in the roll of process leader, helped our steering group define our business ethos. By creating a shared vision of our values, ​​and what that means in our everyday lives, we increased our understanding of each other and strenghened group awareness and cohesion. It was very valuable to our continued work and business development. By strengthening the management team, both individually and as a group, we were better prepared for the changes and transitions that have taken place in the business. Anna-Karin has my highest recommendation as a process leader”.
Ulla Delfs Moss, Business Development (formerly Business Manager), Apoteket.

“Volvo has hired Anna-Karin in several contexts – as a moderator, speaker and sailing commentator. Anna-Karin is always well prepared and on her toes. It has enabled me to concentrate on other things – a really nice feeling! Anna-Karin is full of energy and engages the audience in everything she does. We recommend her warmly.”
Sven Österberg, Manager, Volvo Event Management

“Many thanks for two very inspiring days in Malmö. You have the ability to enthuse and engage and really get the crowd going. Your positive outlook, combined with your experience of the workplace and the world of sport, led me to think in new ways. This was an energy boost which I hope to be able to tap when it is most needed.”
Rickard Egelborg, Malmo.

Coaching has really made a difference for me. Now I know that I want to continue to be the boss. I now know what I need to do to perform well and feel good. I’m surprised and pleased that it went so fast to get to where I am today”.
Ann-Louise, age 52.

”Anna-Karin has been involved in several of our Volvo Ocean Race arrangements for both customers and staff – as facilitator, conference dinner emcee and commentator on board the boat. Anna-Karin’s knowledge of the race, technology and sailors, combined with her own sailing experience, gives one a deeper insight into the Volvo Ocean Race and its challenges. With a sure hand and great energy, she leads meetings and makes interesting connections between the race and business.”
Tommy Kohle, Senior Vice President, Volvo Trucks.

“After Ahead’s workshop titled “Captain of your own boat” for TRR Tryghetsrådet, we found the following comment among the written evaluations: This is the best thing that has happened to me!”
Inger, TRR Tryghetsrådet.

“The West of Sweden Tourist Board hires Ahead to lead significant maritime development projects within the county of Bohuslän – and to project manage the region’s annual Coastal Conference. Anna-Karin has, with her background in tourism and the world of business, not to mention her experience of the international events world and her genuine maritime interest, been an absolute asset for us. The main characteristic of our collaboration with Anna-Karin can be summarized in one word, “security”.  This is based on the combination of her presence, commitment, organizational skills and determination. We will use Anna-Karin for more commissions – and would therefore prefer it if not too many organisations discover her.”
Anders Svedberg, Business Development, West Sweden Tourist Board.

”Thanks for the two unbelievably rewarding days in your company at Tryghetsrådet! After listening to you, I have found someone to identify with, a new perspective on my situation and new strength to move on with my life and personal development. You have even given me new tools for my future career and new inspiration. Now I have new wind in my sails. Many thanks for that!”
Catherine H, Helsingborg.

”The Yrkeshögskolan (Vocational College) programme, ”Project leader in the hospitality industry”, given in Kungälv 2010, gave me the privilege of interacting with Anna-Karin S. Öjerskog for the first time. Anna-Karin is a very popular lecturer within the world of education. She has extensive knowledge in the main areas of project management, event planning and destination development. Anna-Karin is a fine model for students.”
Margareta Andersson, Director of Studies, Yrkeshögskolan, Kungalv.