Moderator and Inspirer

kompass_bgAs a MODERATOR, it is my mission to lead your meetings and to drive staff and customer activities forward in line with the goals you have set up. I have performed a moderator roll across a broad spectrum of fields: in design, technology, leadership, business, tourism and sailing to name a few. I have, as moderator, interviewed among others: Frederick Skavland, Bjørn Kjos (Norwegian), Torsten Jansson (New Wave Group) and Mange Olsson (sailor).

As an INSPIRER, I will tailor the commission to your goals, taking account of the size of the group and the time avaiable. Only the driving factors of inspiration and development are a constant. The lecture can also be supplemented with various individual and group activities.

An uncommitted lecturer or moderator can get the most curious person to lose interest. A commited speaker, displaying empathy and showing a willingness to get involved, can allways engage a group and create a success. I feel comfortable in this role of communicator and I am delighted when the mood is right and I really engage with an audience. Although not allways appropriate, I find that humor is definitely an asset in most situations. Assignments are carried out in English and Swedish.

Examples of assignments:

“The good performance” a seminar of 1-3 hours. The playing field in the workplace is changing at an accelerating rate. How do I find my inner motivation to do a good job without a specific framework? What factors play the greatest role in creating a culture of motivated, courageous and focused employees? I talk about how our successful sailing team managed to lift our team culture and our performance to new heights – an experience equally valid in both work and personal life.

“A winning culture is built from the top” a one-day workshop for your management team, or alternatively two half-days. A strong, positive corporate culture is profitable. What culture do we want in our company and what steps do we need to take in order to help the management team succeed? Initially, I will tell you about how our successful sailing team managed to lift our team culture and our performance to new heights. As a facilitator, I will lead subsequent individual and group activities and drive your discussions forward. This work results in a concrete action plan that, if followed, can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact me for a quote!

“Volvo has hired Anna-Karin in several contexts – as a moderator, speaker and sailing commentator. Anna-Karin is always well prepared and on her toes. It has enabled me to concentrate on other things – a really nice feeling! Anna-Karin is full of energy and engages the audience in everything she does. We recommend her warmly.”

Sven Österberg, Manager, Volvo Event Management